My Revolt

-By Immaculata Daikpor

What must I do when this foreign world

is against me?

Take up arms or cover?

Break down or play indifferent?

Yet that may be when I have found my footing on

this map.
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Out of State

Pictures are mine except otherwise stated.

Pictures are mine except otherwise stated.

The word ‘fog’ became known to me when I was seven years old, my mother had used the word in a song she had just learnt and was so eager to teach us – my siblings and I. It was a song that had ‘rain’, ‘plain’, ‘fog’ and ‘Spain’ in it and for many days we sang that song, until the craze of a new song died down or was it that we learnt another one? I think the new song was about birds, birdhouse and had coo-coo in it.

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